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Primary and Intermediate

  • Primary (Year 1 to Year 6)

  • Intermediate (Year 7 & Year 8)

  • ICAS Preparation - International Competitions and Assessments for Schools

Primary & Intermediate schools are the base formation years of child’s life. It is from here that the interest either shoots for higher achievements or comes down. We pride ourselves making Maths fun and getting the students engaged and keen to learn.

  Secondary (Year 9  to Year 13)

  • NCEA 

  • Cambridge – IGCSE, AS Level, A2 Level

  • MCAT - Level 1 Mathematics Common Assessment Task

We support your child’s preparation for NCEA Maths, Cambridge Maths goals that your child wishes to achieve. We offer constructive topic based revision and mock test to help them get clarity and deal with stressful time.


Maths Tuition

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